The story of GroundwatCh


The first point in your GroundwatCH trip is the origin country of Cristiano Ronaldo, the greatest sailors and the heart-felt music of Fado.

Here you will study in the capital, Lisbon. The city is full of historical places, delicious bakeries, beautiful beaches and, the most important one, summer here lasts until December. Try to find some time to travel around (Sintra, Porto, Algarve and Azores islands).

This is when you will get a full experience of Erasmus life and spend a great time with new friends.


The second point in your trip is the origin of the happiest ducks and, again, great sailors. The Netherlands, a country in northwestern Europe, is known for a flat landscape of rivers, tulip fields, windmills and remarkable cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam. 

You will stay in Delft, a lovely small town with lots of pretty canals and bicycles. However, never trust the weather while you are in here, as it changes quickly. Therefore, you should always be ready for some rain or ..... a lot of rain, so make sure to always carry a raincoat with you.

Luckily, when it is sunny the whole city goes outside to celebrate this unique moment.


Fieldtrip and Fieldwork

The best time of all study process. You will start with one week in Italy, mainly Venice – the city of great sailors, beautiful canals and tasty pizza… and good wine… and nice beach (#WeLoveVenice).


You will afterwards travel all the way to Digne les Bains in French Alps and stay there for amazing 2 weeks. The time of pure practical learning, hard work and unforgettable fun. You will learn how to use measuring instruments, plan fieldwork, but most importantly bond with your group for a long lasting friendship.


The next destination is Dresden - historical residence for the Kings of Saxony. No great sailors here but the great beer instead. 


You will study in one of the largest universities in the country that gives you an opportunity to find a lot of new friends. Winter is coming and some of you will experience the first snow in their life as well as winter sports. It is a lot of fun, believe us :) 


Do not forget to visit other cities and countries because it is the last chance to travel before the long and hard-working master thesis. 


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