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Innovation and excellence in GroundwatCH is stimulated by the collaboration between three European HEIs, each with a distinct profile providing added value to the course, namely through:

The environmental engineering perspective provided by Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) (part of the University of Lisbon) as well as the know-how of the CVRM Research Centre in semi-arid hydrogeology; among the lecturers at this institute are:

Teresa Melo, Senior lecturer of Hydrogeology

Rodrigo Oliveira, Professor of Hydrology




The international experience of IHE Delft Institute for Water Eduction, in hydro(geo)logical research, education and capacity building in many countries across the globe;among the lecturers at this institute are:

Tibor Stigter, Senior lecturer in Hydrogeology and Groundwater Resources

Jan Willem Foppen, Associate Professor of Hydrology

Yangxiao Zhou, Associate Professor of Hydrogeology





Jochen Wenninger, Senior lecturer of Hydrology






The renowned expertise in climate and hydrology from Technische Universität (TU) Dresden with its well-matched combination of engineering, geo and natural sciences; among the lecturers at this institute are:

Christian Bernhofer, Professor of Meteorology

Rudolf Liedl, Professor of Groundwater Hydrology

Karl-Heinz Feger, Professor of Site Ecology and Plant Nutrition





​GroundwatCH will provide outstanding opportunities to deepen cooperation between full partner HEIs and associated partners. Universities from China, Colombia, Morocco and Uganda are currently associated to the programme, participating in course dissemination and promotion, lecturing and hosting of Master students for thesis research.

Over 15 non-academic partners are also associated to the programme, essential for course development, optimizing learning outcomes, employability and integration of relevant research results.

The cooperation agreement for this programme can be downloaded here.

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